Ajanta Pharma

Ajanta Pharma is pharmaceutical firm which is switched on in extension, production and commercialization of drugs and chemical decisions. The firm has qualified work forces more than 2,500 is global, and its finished articles are exchanged more than 26 countries.Ajanta Pharma, Indian Pharma Company, is occupied with production and marketing of the pharmaceutical products based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Its manufacturers in Paithan about Aurangabad who is confirmed by different FDA's of the countries. Its export its products is more than 50 countries round Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Ajanta Pharma Ltd functions with 5 hi-tech production modules which generate quality of a premiere of pharmaceutical products. The firm concentrates on sale of the exclusive universal goods and innovative products of swap in medical fields of dermatology, ophthalmology, anti-malarial, gastroenterology, etc. With the 1973rd firm it is selected to care of the patient and it is placed in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. The firm has difficult Research & Development Centre for the combining API and advanced statements of different types of quantity. The firm is aligned on specialty subdividing’s in India and expects a aperture of the new world markets.
Ajanta Pharma Ltd is occupied with contract research for the principal pharmaceutical conglomerates to develop their basis of returns. Initiated on purpose to serve the international requirements of health care, Ajanta Pharma Ltd - quality and quantity controlled firm. Ajanta Pharma Ltd aims to research new landscapes which is obvious from growth which the firm saw at the end of the 90th. Now products of firm are sold in 25 countries through the recognized presence all round Latin America, Africa and Asia. Firm is during creation of the goods in attempt to register record of a product in the markets which control. Ajanta Pharma Ltd has, set a powerful promoting basis which is added by broad range of system of separation in the different world markets. Functions of firm rotate round installation of their brands in certain markets for persistent sales.
Ajanta Pharma Ltd makes and exchanges broad range technologically and from the medical point of view a manual of the universal goods. Solid functions are the list of leading players in subdividing’s of Ophthalmology, Cardiology and Dermatology in the Indian market. The most part of a brand of the company possesses the advanced line items in their certain subdividing’s. Ajanta Pharma Ltd grows up their presence of the market in Gastro enteric, Respiratory and Musculoskeletal segments, launching the innovative goods in these subdividing’s.