If you suspect that you may have something wrong with the prostate gland, then you urgently need to see a doctor. If you have a terrible diagnosis was confirmed, then you should not immediately give way to despair, because you can cure your disease. For example, you have been diagnosed, which refers to the prostate gland. You can buy Calutide, in order to cope with the disease. To start, make sure you make sure that you make an accurate diagnosis. To make sure you can turn to several specialists, because any doctor can be wrong.
Analyzes may be the same, but the views of doctors can be divided. If you listen to the opinion of only one expert who will tell you that you have prostate cancer, you are at risk to treat the disease for many months, which you just do not. Therefore, you are strongly advised to consult several specialists to confirm the diagnosis. If your diagnosis is confirmed yet, then you need to start treatment immediately. For this, you need not only Calutide, but many other drugs, and you may also need surgery.
In order to properly take medication, your doctor will explain to you all the necessary rules of comprehensive treatment. In the combined treatment is not only welcome Calutide, although this drug is the most important role in recovery. As well, you need to maintain control of your prostate growth, in order to get your doctor to understand the dynamics of treatment. If the dynamics of the treatment is positive, it would mean that you are doing everything right, then you do not have to change. In any case, do not increase the dose of the drug, because it may lead to negative consequences.
If the speaker is negative, it means that this treatment does not give a positive result. In this case, you have two options. First, you can once again be tested, in order to once again make sure that you really have prostate cancer, because. Perhaps, as mentioned above, you have been misdiagnosed. As well, you can go to another specialist, for he has appointed you to other treatment. You have to understand that it comes to your health. Especially, a disease like cancer will not wait long. It can lead to very serious consequences, from which you then will be very bad, so think very well.