If you need to cope with the disorder of the body, as benign prostatic hyperplasia, then you can seek help from a doctor. He must carry out all necessary tests to make sure that you really have been such a disorder. It turns out that every third man in old age is a potential carrier of this disease. At risk are the people who over the years is an imbalance between androgens and estrogens, because it is a violation of this balance leads to the fact that the man appears BPH. You need to understand that the disease is only the male, so the drugs that treat the disease also can accept only men. Drugs, such as Conjugase, can help not only with the treatment of the disease, it can also help in the treatment of hypertension. They have such an act by which they can lower blood pressure. Generally, as a rule treatment of any disease to a minimum dose. Conjugase need to start taking 1 mg a day at bedtime, especially if you're going to treat hypertension because it was at night, during rest, the drug is very good for the body. If you are going to treat BPH, you should adjust the intake of the drug, along with your doctor.
Depending on the dynamics of the treatment, the number Conjugase can increase or decrease. The only thing you should know is that the abruptly stop taking the drug is strictly prohibited because it can lead to complete breakdown of treatments and you have to start from the beginning of treatment. If you absolutely refuse treatment, BPH can cause you have very serious consequences that can lead to the defeat of not only cancer, but also other organs and systems. For example, from this disease can also suffer kidney or liver.
You should be aware of the responsibility in the first place, because it comes to your body. You have to understand that if you do not buy Conjugase and start taking it as it should be, then you can cause irreversible effects that can lead to death. According to statistics of the deaths that have occurred due to the fault of tumors, almost 30% of it is BPH. So, be careful and do not let the healing process take its course. It is the initial stage can be the cause of all our troubles, so that once you have decided on the method of treatment, start spending it on the same day.