Dzhenagra 25

Dzhenagra 25 mg is the representative of group of preparations - inhibitors type 5. Means helps to reach an erection only in case of sexual excitation. The physiological mechanism of an erection includes separation of oxide of nitrogen (NO) in a kavernozny body in case of sexual excitation. Oxide of nitrogen activates enzyme which leads to increase in level cyclical that promotes a relaxation of smooth muscles in a kavernozny body and provides inflow of blood to a penis. Dzhenagra25 mg doesn't render direct action on an insulated body of a penis, but strengthens effect of oxide of nitrogen by oppression type 5 which is responsible for decay monophosphate in a kavernozny body. Sexual excitation causes local separation of oxide of nitrogen which suppresses activity type 5 therefore concentration monophosphate increases; there is a relaxation of smooth muscles, inflow of blood to a kavernozny body.
Dzhenagra 25 mg is in the recommended doses doesn't act in the absence of sexual excitation. Sildenafilcitrate is quickly absorbed after intake. Concentration of a Dzhenagra25 mg in plasma reaches a maximum during 30-120 mines (on the average 60 mines) after reception on an empty stomach. Bioavailability in case of intake makes about 41 %. Pharmacokinetics within the recommended range of doses (25-100 mg) linearly the dependent. In case of reception Dzhenagra25 mg with very bold food the level of absorption decreases. Dzhenagra25 mg and his metabolite for 96 % communicate with proteins of plasma. The period of semi-deduction makes 4 hours. Sildenafil is deduced in the form of metabolites.
Generallyis a stake (80 % from the entered dose), to a lesser extent - with urine (13 % from the entered dose). The general road clearance makes 41 l / h, the finite period of semi-deduction - 35 hours. At healthy volunteers of advanced age (65 years also are higher) a road clearance Sildenafil and its metabolite it is lowered, and concentration of the free active substance in blood plasma for 40 % exceeds level it at healthy young volunteers (18-45 years). At volunteers with easy (a road clearance of a Creatinine of 50-80 ml / mines) and moderated (a road clearance of a Creatinine of 30-49 ml / mines) nephritic insufficiency parameters Sildenafil after intake in a one-time dose of 50 mg didn't change. At volunteers with heavy (road clearance less than 30 ml / mines) nephritic insufficiency the road clearance Dzhenagra25 mg decreased that led to increase in AUC (for 100 %) and to increase of the maximum concentration in blood (for 88 %) in comparison with volunteers of similar age without violations of function of kidneys.