Dzhenagra 50

Dzhenagra 50 preparation is the preparation applied to treatment of erection dysfunction. The main active ingredient is Sildenafil citrate. Insufficient is making of sexual intercourse an erection. Hypersensitivity is preparation components, simultaneous reception of the preparations containing sodium, warm diseases, and nephritic and/or hepatic insufficiency. On Dzhenagra 50mg responses extremely rarely causes by-effects, but nevertheless reception of a preparation there can be the reason of such ghost effects as a headache, disorders of digestion, inflow to the person, hypostasis of a mucous membrane of a nose, diarrhea, sight violations, dizziness, infections of respiratory ways, rash, a back pain, disorders of digestion, a flu and arthralgia syndrome.
If not to begin Dzhenagra 50mg treatment directly, it can lead to injury of a penis and long-time loss of a potentiality. At patients with a peptic ulcer in a phase of peaking safety of application of Dzhenagra isn't set. Safety and efficiency of a combination of a preparation with other types of therapy of erektilny dysfunction wasn't studied. Application of such combinations isn't recommended.
Dzhenagra 50mg preparation don't assign to children and women. At some patients accepting a preparation, it was watched temporal violation of sight and dizziness (in case of a dosage of 100 mg) therefore they shall be familiar with own response to Dzhenagra's reception before controlling the car or to work with other mechanisms which require special attention and fast response. According to action Sildenafil on nitrogen oxide Dzhenagra 50mg preparation strengthens hypotensive effect of nitrates. To assign Dzhenagra it is contraindicated to patients who accept the medicines containing nitrates in any form. Dzhenagra 50mg preparation is contraindicated to patients with hypersensibility to any of components of tablets.
Road clearance lowering Sildenafil is watched in case of simultaneous application with CYP ZA4 inhibitors (erythromycin) and nonspecific inhibitors of CYP cytochrome. It is possible to expect that simultaneous application with the inductors CYP??4 (rifampicin) will reduce concentration of a preparation in plasma. One-time doses of antatsidny means (hydroxide aluminum) don't influence Dzhenagra 50mg bioavailability. The preparation doesn't increase bleeding time in case of application together with aspirin. Dzhenagra doesn't strengthen hypotensive effect of alcohol at healthy volunteers.In researches on healthy volunteers in case of one-time doses to 800 mg cases of unfavorable action were similar on such which were watched in case of application of lower doses, but the quantity of cases was more. In case of overdose supporting therapy is recommended. The nephritic dialysis doesn't accelerate a road clearance as Sildenafil strongly communicates with proteins of plasma and isn't deduced with urine.