Erektil is generic Viagra from the Ukrainian company "Stirol". Sildenafil citrate in white round tablets Erektil is intended for the solution of problems with an erection; about 4 hours operate and is accepted for an hour before schedulable sex. Sildenafil (active ingredient byErektil ) is the first effective remedy from impotence which is used regularly by million men around the world. Erektil recovers the broken ability to achievement and maintenance of an erection and provides the natural response to sexual excitation. Sildenafil is powerful and the TsGMF selective inhibitor specific type 5 (FDE-5) which is responsible for TsGMF decay body. The preparation stimulates release of oxide of nitrogen (NO) in a body in case of sexual stimulation, activating, and oppresses FDE-5. Thus TsGMF level that leads to a relaxation of smooth muscles and blood-groove gain in a body significantly rises.Preparation don't assign to women and children, patients to whom sexual activity is unwanted (for example with heavy forms of diseases of cardiovascular system, such as unstable stenocardia or the expressed warm insufficiency).
It is quickly exhausted after intake. Concentration Sidenafilin blood plasma after peroral reception on an empty stomach reaches the maximum value during 30120 mines (on the average 60 mines). Absolute bioavailability in case of intake on the average makes 41 % (2563 %). The pharmacokinetics Sidenafi in case of intake in the recommended range of doses (25100 mg) is the linear. In case of Erektil's reception in a combination to bold food speed of exhausting decreases, the period of achievement of Cmax increases by 60 mines, and Cmax in plasma of blood decreases on the average for 29 %. Sildenafil is mainly under the influence of CYP 3?4 (the main way) and CYP 2?9 (a minor way) of a liver.
?i makes about 4 h. Sildenafil is deduced in the form of metabolites generally with a stake (about 80 %) and to a lesser extent with urine (about 13 %).Erektilis caution assign in case of diseases of cardiovascular system, anatomic deformation of a penis (including in case of an angulyatsiya, Peyroni's diseases, etc.), stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenal gut, anemia, a miyelomny illness and leukosis.Safety and Erektil's efficiency in a combination with other means intended for treatment of violations of an erection, didn't study, therefore it is not recommended to use similar combinations. Erektil strengthens hypotensive effect of nitrates, in this connection simultaneous application of a preparation in a combination to nitrates or aid donors of oxide of nitrogen contraindicated.