Ergos it is the first preparation which is inhausted in a mouth, thanks to it he acts more effectively and quicker than other preparations. Ergosit is necessary to chew in a mouth and to keep under language before complete dilution of a tablet which comes in 1-2 minutes.
Ergosis «the smart tablet» - operates only when it is necessary. Action develops in 6-8 minutes and proceeds till 6-8 o'clock, but only in case of sexual stimulation therefore it is not necessary to be afraid of a constant erection, it will arise, only when it is necessary. The preparation not only strengthens an erection, but also rather strongly promotes increase in duration of sexual intercourse and strengthens feelings. Ergospromotes reduction of time of restoration for making of repeated sexual intercourses. As erection dysfunction understand inability of the man to reach and support sufficient for sexual satisfaction of partners and erection. Often erection dysfunction is caused by uncertainty in. To erection dysfunction can lead and other statuses - a depression, diabetes, a hypertensive illness, atherosclerosis, prostate gland diseases. Therefore erection dysfunction is only their symptom which can be removed.By researches it is set that Ergosit is capable to strengthen blood supply of genitals selectively. And it occurs, only in the presence of adequate sexual stimulation.
The mechanism of vasodilation effect Ergosconnect to blockade of special enzyme (5 types) that leads to accumulation of oxide of nitrogen (NO) which causes extension of tanks. Feature of tablets of other preparations is that they are covered with a jacket to hide their very bitter taste. Such tablet slowly is dissolved in a gastro enteric path and is very long is exhausted, thus process of penetration of the active substance in blood depends on time of reception and character of food. No more than 50-60 % are normally exhausted, i.e. 50-40 % of a preparation can simply not be inhausted from a gastro intestinal path therefore the effect comes rather slowly (on the average through 40 mines), and prior food intake essentially decelerates effect approach. Ergosin difference from other preparations it is not covered with a jacket, its composition is patented and developed together with the French company "Gattefosse". These innovative technologies promote: to elimination of bitter taste. Ergosit is possible to chew and delay in an oral cavity - thus in case of adequate sexual stimulation the effect comes in 5-10 minutes, regardless of communication with food intake to completer (nearly 80-90 %)