Eromaks 25

Eromaks 25 mg is a food component which is the most powerful stimulator of a potentiality for men (causes potentiality improving). Release form: Eromaks 25 mg – gelatinous capsules (on 10 pieces in package Composition: extracts a root, roots PasakBumi (dlinnolistny), roots Caucasian, a barkmineral premix (gland (II) a lactate, a dihydrate, zinc sulfate monohydrate, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, potassium iodide, sodium selenit), caffeine and as auxiliary components – lactose and magnesium. The positive properties of components of a preparation of Eromaks 25 mg is a unique preparation which throughout a short interval of time expands blood vessels of genitals and a small basin and excites the centers responsible for sexual reflexes of the person, thereby causing potentiality increase. Preparation components with each other stimulate hormonal system of the man in a combination, increase concentration of man's sexual hormones in blood and volume of selected sperm; have antioxidant and adaptogenny influence; contains vitamins and amino acids; stimulates functionality of vegetative nervous system, causing steady and strong sexual excitation, stimulating potentiality improving.
The separate Eromaks 25 mg components have energizer functions, reducing disturbance and tension in case of intimate closeness, blood circulation stimulations, including in genitals promote. As a whole, Eromaks 25 mg stimulates physical, psychological and emotional readiness for intimacy, strengthening nervous system, stimulating operation of tanks and creating the appropriate hormonal background. Eromaks 25 mg is recommended to accept to men as means which causes gain of a potentiality, erections and prolonging sexual intercourse. Eromaks 25 mg it is recommended to women in case of frigidity, sexual coldness, a climacteric syndrome, hormonal infertility. The preparation also causes gain of a potentiality, a libido, inflow of sexual desire in them. The preparation doesn't stimulate birth rate and persons of both floors, Ayr Max supports hormonal balance at women and 45 years are higher than men, is a supportive application for fight against neurosis’s, increased fatigue and muscular weakness, immunity lowering, weight loss, warm and vascular disorders.
Intimate relations is the most brittle and sensitive aspect of the human relations. Often violation of intimate harmony depends not so much on internal changes in an organism, how many from external stressful factors. Cream-balm of Eromaks is developed specially for the men caring of quality and duration of an erection..Cream-balm of Eromaks is applied to potentiality gain. In case of plotting cream-balm in bigger quantity, than it is necessary, simply delete excess. The result of application cream-balm of Eromaks depends on specific features of an organism.