The newest Russian preparation is Eromaks for potentiality increase at men. By development of this preparation features and specifics of problems of Russian men were considered. As a part of a preparation are Eromaks potentiality only natural components and the minerals, capable to improve a sexual tendency and a libido of any man.
How many men dream of the real, magnificent sexual energy, capable to dement any woman. And what woman will resist against the man, capable to give to it of what she dreams. Capsules of Eromaks help to return sensual youth to mature men and will help on to save long passion the young. The preparation is capable to increase man's force, saving harmony in the love relations between the man and the woman.
To accept a preparation follows in 30-60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse on 1-2 capsules for once. The quantity accepted in capsules depends on features of your organism. Begin reception with 1 capsule and look at efficiency of a preparation if you consider that it is not enough of it, next time accepts 2 capsules. The potentiality is a term, applicable to the man's sexuality, meaning ability of the man to sexual intercourse. The potentiality is responsible for tension of a penis, in a speed and duration of an erection, i.e. is responsible for intensity of sexual life of the man. The good man's potentiality is one of methods of self-realization of the man, that is why the majority of them want to increase the sexuality even more. In normal life there is a mass of the factors influencing a man's potentiality: absence of mutual understanding and coldness of the partner, a problem and stresses on operation, quarrels in a life, absence of a place for occupations sex, etc. In that case will help Eromaks is the preparation causing increase of a potentiality. The preparation is perfectly combined with a diet, physical activities, and also with therapeutic and surgical methods of treatment of the modern traditional medicine. Application and dose method: Eromaks is accepted on 1 capsule if necessary. The increase in a potentiality (gain of effect of a preparation) is reached by reception of two capsules with an interval at 1-2 o'clock. To the prolonged action of a preparation it is applied on one capsule in day for 2 weeks. It is impossible to exceed a recommended dose of a preparation. The man's potentiality in most cases is pledge of a female libido for this reason the increase in a potentiality at men terminates in high-grade and healthy sexual contact to the woman.