Eroton 100

Eroton 100mg is a preparation removing erektil dysfunction, guarantees a powerful potentiality from 4 to 12 hours. Prevents is premature ejaculation, considerably prolonging sexual intercourse. Eroton is prostatitis prevention; it strengthens a blood-groove in a penis and sates with blood and oxygen a prostate. Before the reception beginning Sildenafil for diagnostics of violations of an erection, determination of the possible reasons and a choice of adequate methods of treatment it is necessary to collect the complete anamnesis and to conduct careful urological and all-clinical survey, especially at patients with accompanying cardiovascular diseases to which the increased sexual activity is unwanted (heavy forms of coronary heart disease and arterial hypertension). For domestic customers this problem preparation Eroton 100mg, which efficiency by results of comparative research doesn't concede that of an original preparation Sildenafil and the price is available to the majority of patients.
At patients 65 years with hepatic and heavy nephritic insufficiency (a Creatinine road clearance less than 30 ml/minutes) are higher, and also accepting at the same time is enzyme preparations inhibitors 3?4 P450 cytochrome the initial dose Sildenafil makes 25 mg. In case of simultaneous reception with ritonavir the maximum one-time dose Sildenafil shan't exceed 25 mg during 48 hours. Owing to ghost effects (dizziness, sight change) can influence ability to control the car or to work with mechanisms. Sildenafil is effective only in the presence of sexual stimulation.Influence of other preparations preparations inhibitors cytochrome increase concentration Sildenafil in plasma and reduce its deductions preparations inductors 3?4 P450 cytochrome (rifampicin, etc.) can reduce concentration Eroten 100 in blood. Grapefruit juice can cause moderate increase of concentration Sildenafil in blood. Influence Sildenafil on other preparations. Sildenafil strengthens hypotensive effect of nitrates and antiaggregatsionny effect of sodium.
Preparations inhibitors cytochrome and 2D6 (selective inhibitors of turnaround capture energizers), and loopback and APF inhibitors, antagonists of calcium, beta-blockers don't influence pharmacokinetics Sildenafil. In case of simultaneous reception Sildenafil (5 and 10 mg) aren't revealed interaction signs. Sildenafil doesn't influence pharmacokinetics doesn't strengthen hypotensive effect of alcohol at healthy patients in case of concentration of alcohol in blood to 80 mg/ml. One-time reception (a hydroxide an aluminum magnesium / hydroxide) doesn't influence bioavailability Eroton 100 mg. Sildenafil (50 mg) doesn't attract increase in duration of the bleeding caused by acetylsalicylic acid (150 mg). Safety Eroton 100 mg in case of simultaneous reception with other means for treatment of erektil dysfunction wasn't studied, simultaneous reception isn't recommended