Eroton 50

The sexual relations between the man and the woman are a cornerstone, guarantee of durability of any family. It is necessary to remember that female sexuality depends directly on man's desire. Differently, that sexuality of the woman was shown, her desire needs to be awakened. At the same time very often the man with erektilny dysfunction under different pretexts refuses intimate closeness comes home later, to sleep lays down earlier, provokes scandals to avoid intimate relations. It enters dissonance in family life.
Role of the pharmacist to focus attention not only men, but also women who address in a drugstore for council, that thanks to the modern medicines which domestic preparation Eroton 50 mg is also, it is possible to achieve harmony in sexual life. If the man excessively worries and afraid to break a long-awaited romantic meeting, it can make secure. Preparation Eroton 50 mg can be used for prevention of a syndrome of waiting of failure. That is the man can give more attention to lining of the relations, instead of the complexes.
The initial dose of a preparation makes 50 mg taking into account efficiency and sensitivity the dose can be increased to 100 mg or is reduced to 25 mg. The maximum daily dose - 100 mg, the maximum recommended frequency of reception - 1 times / days. Correction of a dose isn't necessary. Application for patients is violation of function of kidneys. In case of easy and moderate nephritic insufficiency (a Creatinine road clearance - 30 - 80/minute) a mode of dispensing of a preparation same most. In case of heavy nephritic insufficiency (a Creatinine road clearance <30 ml/minutes) Owing to the lowered road clearance Silddenafil the initial dose of a preparation makes 25 mg.Application for patients with violation of function of a liver. Owing to the under road clearance Sildenafil the initial dose of a preparation makes 25 mg.
At the patients accepting at the same time preparations inhibitors of an isoenzyme 3?4 of P450 cytochrome (erythromycin) the initial dose Sildenafil makes 50 mg. In case of simultaneous reception with ritonavir the maximum one-time dose Sildenafil shan't exceed 50 mg during 48 h.With caution apply a preparation in the following cases: at patients with anatomic deformation of a penis \ in case of diseases which promote priapizm development (a miyelomny illness, crescent and cellular anemia, leukemia), in case of the increased tendency to bleedings, peaking of stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenal gut.