Relations of the man and the woman are an important component of human life from the moment of its origin. Thus the sexual component of these relations has huge value for representatives of both floors. One of the main characteristics of courage in cultures of the different people at all times was ability of the man to implementation of high-grade sexual intercourse, the problem of absence of this ability is known to medicine from an antiquity. Long time this problem was called as impotence.
The word "impotence" forces ????????? even the most self-assured man. Always the problem of loss of man's force disturbed and frightened. Earlier about it spoke in undertones, shifting blame on divine and other forces. The recipes were available for ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Results of such treatment not always were satisfactory, however doctors didn't give up. Today physicians seriously attended to search of remedies for impotence. Successes of medicine in this plan the tremendous. Today there are the preparations helping the man with any age, up to 100 years, to receive feeling of that he is a man. In this aspect interest represents preparation Eroton of the Ukrainian company "Fitofarm". Erection dysfunction is very widespread pathological status. It marks at one hundred millions men around the world, the resistant tendency to increase in number of such patients is thus revealed. It is connected to many reasons, including with deterioration of an ecological situation on a planet, urbanization growth, and also with increase in middle age of inhabitants of Earth.
On indexes of efficiency Eroton(tablets on 0,05 g of production of JSC Fitofarm) it is comparable with an original preparation Sildenafil. Results of research showed good portability Eroton. The revealed collateral responses were regarded as expected, frivolous. Frequency and nature of the arisen collateral responses will be coordinated dutiful literatures for preparations Sildenafil. Results of the carried-out comparative clinical research allow recommending preparation Erotonof production of JSC Fitofarm for medical application for patients with erektil dysfunction.
It is necessary to stop on importance of the correct reception of a preparation. After application Erotonthrough 30 mines in the presence of the appropriate erotic stimulation at the man the erection naturally begins. This period depends on features of an organism and from what food ate the patient before reception Eroton. The bold food and alcohol decelerate exhausting of a preparation and its hit in a blood-groove. But it doesn't influence in any way the overall level of concentration of a preparation in blood. Therefore, if the man accepted Erotonafter food, will pass more time before the preparation will start to operate, but efficiency won't decrease.