Kamafil 50

Kamafil 50 is a peroral preparation for treatment of violations of an erection. Recovers the broken ability to an erection and provides the natural response to sexual excitation. The physiological mechanism of an erection of a penis consists in release of oxide of nitrogen (NO) in a body in case of sexual stimulation. Oxide of nitrogen activates enzyme that leads to increase of level cyclical to a relaxation of smooth muscles of a body and blood-groove gain in a penis.
Kamafil 50 is powerful and selective inhibitor cyclical is specific type 5 (FDE) which provides decay in a body. Sildenafil doesn't render direct weakening action on an insulated body, however strengthens effect of oxide of nitrogen in a fabric of a body. In case of activation of a way of the nitrogen Ts GMF oxide, being watched in case of sexual excitation, FDE 5 oppression under influence Sildenafil leads to increase of level of TsGMF in a body. Therefore adequate sexual stimulation is necessary for achievement of favorable pharmacological effect for Kamafil 50.The mechanism of physiology of installation concerning the member of the person consists in cleaning from a nitrogen oxide in a body in sexual stimulation. The oxide of nitrogen activates enzyme which leads to increase in level, simplification of a body of smooth muscles and a blood-groove amplifying in an element.
In case of single reception Kamafil inside in doses to 50 mg the preparation didn't cause clinically significant changes of an electrocardiogram in healthy volunteers. The maximum reduction systolic in a prone position in case of preparation application inside in a dose of 100 mg averaged 8,4 mm of mercury. Lowering of diastolic arterial pressure in a prone position made 5,5 mm Hg. Lowering the speaks effect Kamafil 50, probably, at the expense of increase of level of TsGMF in smooth muscles of tanks. In particular, activity Kamafil 50 concerning FDE 5 in 4000 times exceeds its activity concerning FDE 3 - cyclical specific regulating activity of a myocardium. At some patients in 1 h after preparation reception in a dose of 100 mg easy passing violation of color perception (dark blue, green) by means 100 test is revealed; in 2 hours after preparation reception this violation passed. Assume that the mechanism of such violation of sight is oppression of FDE 6 which participates in process of transmission of light in a retina. Results of the research in vitro testify that the effect Kamafil 50 on FDE 6 in 100 times concedes it to activity concerning FDE 5.