Konegra 100

Konegra assign in a dose of 50 mg in 1 hour prior to sexual intercourse. Taking into account efficiency and portability the dose can be increased to 100 mg. The maximum recommended dose makes 100 mg of 1 time per day. At persons of advanced age and patients with a heavy level of nephritic insufficiency (road clearance less than 30 ml / mines) or with violation of function of a liver the initial dose makes 50 mgtaking into account efficiency and portability the dose can be increased to 100 mg. For diagnostics of violations of an erection, determination of their possible reasons and a choice of adequate treatment it is necessary to collect the complete medical anamnesis and to conduct careful physical survey of the patient. Sexual activity represents a certain risk in the presence of diseases of cardiovascular system.
Therefore before an initiation of treatment concerning violations of an erection it is necessary to conduct cardio logical survey of the patient. After wide implementation is a Konegra 100 mg in practice messages on serious violations arrived from cardiovascular system which included stenocardia, a myocardial infarction, sudden coronary death, ventricular arrhythmias, a hemorrhagic stroke, ischemia, arterial hyper or hypotension. The specified cases preferentially developed in time or right after sexual activity. The majority is patients but not for all had risk factors of development of diseases of cardiovascular system.
Konegra 100 mg intended for treatment of violation of an erection, with caution assign the patient with anatomic deformation of a penis, for example, in case(Peyroni's illness) and to persons with the diseases, promoting priapism development (crescent and cellular anemia, a multiple myeloma or leucosis. Data on safety of application of Konegra 100 in case of a peptic ulcer and hemorrhagic diathesis doesn't exist, because of what a preparation the patient with such pathology assign with caution. The preparations intended for treatment of violations of an erection, it is not necessary to assign to men to whom sexual activity is unwanted. As during clinical tests Sildenafil dizziness and sight violation were watched, it is not necessary to control transport and to work with potentially dangerous mechanisms before clearing up of personal response to a preparation.
Konegra 100 mg is transferred well. The most probable ghost effects are the headache, rushes of blood, dizziness, responses, a nose passing violations of sight (mainly, color changes perception of objects, and also gain of perception of light and sight hazing), in case of preparation application in the doses exceeding the recommended, unwanted phenomena were similar marked above, however registered more often.