Konegra 50

By results of the carried-out open research of efficiency and safety of a preparation of Konegra of 50 mg (Sildenafil Citrate) at 30 patients having erecting dysfunction it was revealed that the profile of efficiency and safety of a preparation of Konegra is comparable with original the sildenafil. Konegra specified properties allow reading it a choice preparation for treatment of erection dysfunction, with a row of factors.
Now inhibitors 5 types (IFD-5) are choice preparations in treatment of erektilny dysfunction (ED). Successful implementation in clinical practice IFD-5 is promoted by their high performance and sufficient safety for patients. At the same time the considerable costs of synthesis of new molecules IFD-5 cause high cost of preparations of this group. As a result treatment with use IFD-5 is available not to all patients. One of possible solutions of this problem is use of preparations generics. Konegra preparation belongs to the last (Sildenafil 50 mg), provided by the Euro Lifecare company (England).In research took part 30 patients who were suffering from ED and having positive experience of application Sildenafil. For detection of risk factors collection of data, research of a lipid range of blood is carried out.
As criterion of diagnostics of arterial dysfunction lowering of peak systolic speed below 35 cm / served with, the increase in finite and diastolic speed of a blood-groove is higher than 5 cm/pages. As the criteria characterizing erection function, the domain of erection function of a scale of IIEF and an index of percent of successful sexual intercourses were used. The diagram of treatment included Konegra's reception (Sildenafil 50 mg) in 1 hour prior to sexual intercourse once a week. The course dose made 200 mg.
Criteria of an exception: application of drugs of aid donors of oxide of nitrogen, unstable stenocardia, the warm or hepatic insufficiency, recently transferred sharp violation of brain blood circulation or a heart attack, hypotension, hypersensitivity to Sildenafil. Statistical analysis: Uilkokson's sign one-selective criterion was applied to an assessment of reliability of distinctions. A significance value - 0,05.Konegra preparation is effective in lecher-scientific research institute ED from the point of view of its influence on the domain of erection function of a scale of IIEF and percent of successful sexual intercourses. The profile of safety of a preparation of Konegra corresponds to a profile original Sildenafil. Application of a preparation of Konegra reduces financial load of the patient. Considering efficiency, safety and accessibility, Konegra can be read a choice preparation in ED treatment.