Konegra is a peroral preparation for treatment of violations of an erection. Recovers the broken ability to an erection and provides the natural response to sexual excitation. The physiological mechanism of an erection of a penis consists in release of oxide of nitrogen (NO) in a body in case of sexual stimulation. Oxide of nitrogen activates enzyme that leads to increase of level a relaxation of smooth muscles of a kavernozny body and blood-groove gain in a penis. Sildenafil is powerful and selective inhibitor GMF-specific type 5 (FDE-5) which provides decay in a body. Sildenafil doesn't render direct weakening action on an insulated body, however strengthens action of NO in a fabric. In case of activation of a way of NO/GMF that occurs in case of sexual excitation, FDE oppression under influence Sildenafil leads to increase of level. Therefore adequate sexual stimulation is necessary for achievement of the positive pharmacological effect of a preparation of Konegra.
In case of Konegra's single reception inside in a dose to 100 mg the preparation has no clinically significant changes of an electrocardiogram. Lowering speaks effect Sildenafil at the expense of increase of level of GMF in smooth muscles of tanks.
Konegra doesn't influence visual acuity and contrast range of perception. The preparation is quickly exhausted after intake. Concentration of a preparation in blood plasma after peroral reception on an empty stomach reaches the maximum value throughout 30120 mines (on the average 60 mines). Absolute bioavailability in case of intake averages 41 % (2563 %). Konegra is pharmacokinetics in case of intake in the recommended doses (25100 mg) the linear.
Application tablets are intended for peroralny reception. The recommended dose for adults makes 50 mg, a dose take, if necessary, approximately for 1 h before sexual intercourse. Considering efficiency and portability, the dose can be raised to 100 mg or to lower to 25 mg. The maximum recommended dose makes 100 mg. The maximum recommended frequency of application 1 time per day. In case of reception with food Konegra's activity can be shown later, than in case of application on an empty stomach. Application by patients is violation of function of kidneys. To patients with easy and average nephritic insufficiency (the road clearance of Cretonne makes 3080 ml/mines) the mode of dispensing doesn't change. As at patients with heavy nephritic insufficiency a road clearance Sildenafil is lowered, application of a preparation it is necessary to begin 30 ml/mines with a dose of 25 mg. Application by patients with violation of function of a liver. As at patients with hepatic insufficiency the road clearance Sildenafil is lowered, for example, in case of cirrhosis, application of a preparation should be begun with a dose of 25 mg.