Lovigra it is capable to become straight treatment of dysfunction which contains Sildenafil. Sildenafil is the active ingredient of a known preparation ED Sildenafil made by Pfizer. As Lovigra contains the same active ingredient as a brand which has salt of lemon Sildenafil acid, it possesses the same therapeutic effect, action, indications and ghost effects.
Sildenafil is selective inhibitor of cyclical GMP a certain PDE5 which is responsible for inactivation of cyclical GMP in a fabric of a cavernous body. Treatment actively improves being weakened effect of an oxide of nitrogen on smooth muscles and increase in influx of blood in the member. In activation not accompanied by sexual disturbance, the inhibition of PDE5 allows to reach satisfactory mounting. Lovigra is made by the pharmaceutical company Ajanta and carried in the universal salt of lemon Sildenafil acid. The universal Sildenafil is also made by other pharmaceutical companies as Cipla (Silagra), Ranbaxy (Caverta), Zydus (Penegra), Aurogra (Aurochem), Viprogra, Zenegra, Mygra, Super-Lara, Eriacta and others.
Lovigra is used to process the men suffering from capable to become straight to dysfunction. Lovigra don't recommend for use in women. Lovigra sometimes cause socket salt of lemon Sildenafil acid, however, as it contains sildenafil, it is action, doesn't differ from salt of the lemon Sildenafil acid approved only for processing of men from capable to become straight as dysfunction.
Lovigra is taken, orally swallowing with the sufficient amount of water. The recommended dose for the majority of patients makes 50 mg. In insufficient therapeutic effect of Lovigra 100 mg can be used. Pads of Sildenafil shall be taken at least in 30 minutes prior to sexual action. Patients with diseases of a liver and diseases of kidneys shall take 25 mg of treatment.