P Force 25

P Force 25 is an exclusive preparation in the pharmacological market, intended for the solution of many man's problems. In a preparation two strong and safe active ingredients are ideally combined: sildenafil and dapoxetin.
The preparation is shown to men with a premature ejaculation and erecting dysfunction. After all premature ejaculation as the most frequent problem in sexual life is the principal reason of psychological disorders at men. Therefore P Force 25 to buy often means to solve sexual and psychological problems at once.To assign a preparation and define a necessary dosage the doctor can only. Before the use of Super P-Force it is recommended to consult at the expert.
The dosage normally varies from 25mg to 100 mg per day. The preparation is accepted once a day. Maximum efficiency of P Force 25 mgis marked in case of reception before schedulable sexual intercourse. To accept dapoxetin analog of a preparation of Priligy without the second component won't allow achieving so good results.Deletes capable become erection dysfunction and premature exclamation once. Premature exclamation is one of the most widespread sexual dysfunctions in men at the age of 18-64 years. P-force 25 is absolutely new and effective preparation to process capable to become straight dysfunction, increasing duration of the sexual intercourses. It works, combining action of sildenafil of salt of lemon acid (Viagra) and Dapoxetine (a preparation to process premature exclamation). Dapoxetine delayed the process of exclamation developed to process premature exclamation. The powerful combination of these two drugs provides possibility to support mounting for much more long than normally. It is switched on with a large amount of water, once put within 1 hour before the sexual intercourses. The effect of a preparation it is the Super P-force reached, only if is sexual stimulation.
The maximum concentration of the active substance is reached within 30 minutes after food intake. The bold food or alcohol can decelerate sildenafil action within about 60 minutes. The effect of Sildenafil acid lasts for 4 hours. Action of dapoxetine spared till 15 o'clock. Drinking of alcohol Super P-force (more than 2 modules at an o'clock) reduces effects of a preparation. As a result of numerous clinical researches showed that the preparation helps to improve a potentiality and to get rid of problems with premature exclamation more than for 80 % of men. The preparation also improves mood, reduces force, concern, tension and concern.