P Force Plus

P Force Plus is unique and the unique product developed to process premature exclamation. The preparation made in India, the Sunrise Remedies company. In P Force Plus contains 60 mg of dapoxetine and 100 mg of sildenafil (the universal Viagra). A preparation P Force Plus is a combination of drugs, such as Viagra and Dapoxetine. Sildenafil - a preparation which is used to increase a disabler of a potentiality of PDE-5. Dapoxetine - a preparation to process premature exclamation, selective inhibitor of ingenuity. As a result of a combination of all they appeared a miracle cure P Force Plus which is used to process premature exclamation and also to improve a potentiality.
Premature exclamation is one of the most widespread sexual disordering in men around the world. Now this illness can be corrected with treatment P Force Plus. The last preparation of a brand from the Indian pharmaceutical companies, the P Force Plus which each pad contains a combination of two active ingredients: Sildenafil which increases a blood-groove to genitals and Dapoxetine which prevents premature exclamation. Premature exclamation - a huge problem is more than for 30 % of men around the world. This sexual disordering is more spreaded, than capable to become straight disordering which influences approximately 15 % of men on a planet. Prevalence is sexual dysfunction because of the big age range, transfer premature exclamation, unlike capable to become straight dysfunctions which are the elderly people subordinated mainly. A preparation P Force Plus three hours before the sexual intercourses shall take one pad for a mouth. The most part of the maximum action of a preparation can be reached through three - four hours after permission. Medicine can daily be accepted, but not several times day. Ghost effects are possible. All have absolutely different tolerability of drugs and different responses to them. For acceptance of drug serve as contra-indication in people less than 18 years of age and more than 70 years. Besides, the people suffering from chronic cardiac arrest, the second and fourth degree an illness of a node of a basis, a kidney and a serious hepatic shortcoming, for reception serve as contra-indication. Can't integrate medicine acceptance P Force Plus with methods is the following drugs: monoamine inhibitors of an oxidase, energizers, nitrates and inhibitors of an imidazole of. Abuse of drugs is strictly forbidden.
P Force Plus - a new preparation copes directly with two main tasks. In a pad contains two active substances directly: 100 mg of salt of lemon Sildenafil acid which lets out a nitric oxide and the casing of muscles, a cavernous, thus, increasing blood-groove to genitals.