Penigra is the majority of patients the recommended dose makes 50 mg that is applied if needed, approximately for an hour to sexual activity. The preparation can be accepted in limits from 4 o'clock till 0,5 o'clock before sexual activity. On the basis of efficiency and portability dispensing can be increased to the maximum recommended dose of 100 mg or is lowered to 25 mg.
At simultaneous acceptance of meal the effect of Penigra develops more slowly, than at reception on an empty stomach. For development of effect of a preparation sexual stimulation is necessary. Factors which increase concentration Sildenafil in plasma: hepatic insufficiency, nephritic insufficiency and simultaneous application with inhibitors of cytochrome. As the magnification of concentration in plasma can, both to strengthen efficiency and to increase cases of side action, such patients should apply an initial dose of 25 mg.There is a risk violation at sexual activity for patients who had diseases earlier. Penigrahas system vasodilating properties which led to temporal lowering of a blood pressure at healthy volunteers (average maximum lowering of 8,4/5,5 mm hg). Despite of that it is normal isn't the considerable consequence of reception of a preparation for the majority of patients, it is necessary to weigh carefully favor/risk before assignment Sildenafil whether patients with disease can come under influence of unfavorable action of a preparation, especially during sexual activity.
The preparation of Penigra should be assigned with care to such groups of patients: which have transferred a myocardium heart attack, an attack or a life-threatening arrhythmia, within the last six months; with a residual hypotension or a hypertensiawith warm insufficiency or with disease of coronary arteries which attract an unstable stenocardia because tests what confirm safety of such application, it was not led.Long-time erection (it is more than 4 hours) and a priapism (painful erections more than 6 hours) were marked by duration infrequently in case of reception Sildenafil.
In case of an erection which lasts more than 4 hours, the patient should address for medical care immediately. If not to begin priapizm treatment directly, it can lead to damage of a fabric of a penis and long-time loss of a potentiality. With caution it is necessary to apply Penigra the patient pigmentaryretinitis with genetically caused defect of a retina. Safety Penigra isn't set for patients with violations which, probably, are shown by bleedings, and for patients with a peptic ulcer in a peaking phase.