Penimeks 100

Penimeks 100 recovers the affected ability to an erection and provides the natural response to sexual excitation. The physiological mechanism of an erection of a penis consists in release of oxide of nitrogen (N0) in a body in case of sexual stimulation. The preparation is quickly exhausted after intake. Concentration of a preparation in blood plasma after peroral reception on an empty stomach reaches the maximum value throughout 30-120 minutes (on the average 60 minutes). In case of reception Penimeks 100 in a combination to bold food speed of exhausting decreases.
Preparation assign inside in a dose of 50 mg in 1 hour prior to sexual intercourse. Taking into account efficiency and portability the dose can be raised to 100 mg. The maximum recommended dose makes 100 mg of 1 time in days. At persons of old age and patients with a heavy level of nephritic insufficiency (a road clearance less than 30 ml/mines) or with the affected function of a liver the initial dose makes 25 mgtaking into account efficiency and portability the dose can be raised to 100 mg.
The preparation is transferred well. Penimeks 100 can sometimes cause a headache, rushes of blood, dizziness, responses, a nose passing violations of sight (mainly, changes of color perception of objects, and also gain of perception of light and a sight). In case of appearance of any unwanted phenomena surely address to the doctor. Hyper sensibilityis preparation components; simultaneous application of aid nitrogen or nitrates in any forms; age till 18 years.
If you accept any other medicines, surely consult with the doctor concerning possibility of application of a preparation. Penimeks 100 strengthens the ortostatichesky hypotension caused by nitroglycerine, effects sodium. Tsimetidin, erythromycin, etc. increase concentration Penimeks 100 mg in plasma, rifampicin - reduces.
Feeling is heat, dizziness, face reddening, headache, violation of definition of sight, phenomena, lowering of arterial pressure. Treatment symptomatic the dialysis is ineffective. Sexual activity represents a certain risk in the presence of diseases of cardiovascular system. Therefore before an initiation of treatment concerning violations of an erection cardiological survey of the patient is necessary. After wide implementation of a preparation in practice arrived the message on serious violations from cardiovascular system which included stenocardia, a myocardial infarction, sudden coronary death, ventricular arrhythmias, a hemorrhagic stroke, passing ischemia, arterial hyper or hypotension. The specified cases preferentially developed in time or right after sexual activity.