Penimeks 50

Penimeks 50 is a preparation and use in case of erection violation at men. Penimeks 50don't apply to therapy of patients with intolerance Sildenafil. Penimeks 50 don't assign to patients whom aid donors of oxide of nitrogen accept. It is not recommended to apply Sildenafil to patients whom sexual activity (including to patients with a serious illness of cardiovascular system), and also to patients with the arterial hypotension, recently suffered stroke or a myocardial infarction, degenerate diseases of a retina and the loss of the sight which has developed owing to not arterial front ischemic optical neyropatiya is unwanted.
Penimeks 50 don't assign to women and children 18 years are aged more low. Extra care should be observed in case of assignment Sildenafil to patients with an obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, an aorta stenosis, a syndrome of a system atrophy, arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease and low volume of circulating blood. Besides, it is recommended to be careful, assigning a preparation of Penimeks to patients with anatomic deformation of a penis and diseases which can promote development. After reception of a preparation of Penimeks it is not recommended to control potentially unsafe mechanisms and to lead the car. Interaction with other medicines: application Sildenafil with aid donors of oxide of nitrogen is forbidden. Grapefruit juice in case of simultaneous reception with a preparation of Penimeks increases plasma concentration Sildenfil a little. The preparation shouldn't be applied with other medicines intended for treatment of erection dysfunction.
Caution is necessary for observing in case of assignment Sildenafil to patients whom I receive therapy by medicines, ingibiruyushchy P450 cytochrome (including ritonaviry, sakvinaviry, ketokonazoly, itrakonazoly, erythromycin and tsimetidiny). The preparation of Penimeks in case of sochetanny application strengthens expressiveness of therapeutic effect of sodium. It is necessary to accept with caution Sildenafil with the blockers of alpha adrenoceptors intended for treatment of a good-quality giperplaziya of a prostate gland.
Application of high doses Sildenafil increases risk of development and a level of expressiveness of unwanted effects. Besides is in case of overdose Sildenafil at patients possibly development of temperature increase of a body, a giperemiya of the person and the expressed arterial hypotension. The specific anti-pillbox isn't present. In case of overdose assign the therapy directed on elimination of symptoms.Before use of a preparation of Penimeks you shall consult with the doctor. This instruction on application is provided in the free transfer and intended only for acquaintance. For obtaining more complete information we ask to address to the summary of the vendor.