Penimeks is medicine for treatment of violations of an erection. The active component of a preparation is Sildenafil promotes restoration of the broken ability to maintenance and achievement of an erection of a penis in response to sexual excitation. The mechanism of action of a preparation of Penimeks consists in oppression specific 5 types which take part in decay ts-GMF in a cavernous body. Thus, under action Sildenafil level ts-GMF in a cavernous body increases and the relaxation of fabrics and blood-groove gain in a cavernous body are marked. Sildenafil doesn't render direct weakening action on a body.
Achievement and erection maintenance in case of reception Sildenafil develops only in response to sexual stimulation; in the absence of that pharmacological effect Sildenafil doesn't develop. In case of single application 100??Sildenafil at patients it is not marked electrocardiogram changes; some lowering of arterial pressure however is possible. In case of intake the peak of plasma concentration Sildenafil is marked 30-120 minutes later, average absolute bioavailability makes 40 %. Simultaneous reception of a preparation with bold food leads to an absorption speed reduction Sildenafil. The active component of a preparation of Penimeks has a high level of communication with proteins of plasma.
Penimeks is a liver with involvement of system of P450 cytochrome (in particular with the assistance of CYP 3A4 and CYP 2C9) with education pharmacological the active metabolite and a row of inactive substances. The semi-deduction period Sildenafil and its active component make 3-5 hours. Some part is deduced by kidneys. At patients of advanced age and patients with the expressed violation of function of kidneys the semi-deduction period Sildenafil increases. The increase in the period of semi-deduction Sildenafil also is marked at patients with violation of function of a liver.Penimeksit is intended for peroralny reception.
The preparation is recommended to be accepted in 30-60 minutes prior to schedulable sexual intercourse. Of a tablet swallow entirely, washing down with enough of drinking water. Food intake slightly influences expressiveness of pharmacological effect of a preparation of Penimeks therefore it can be accepted irrespective of food intake. The dose Sildenafil is selected by the attending physician. The adult, as a rule, assign 25-50mg Sildenafil. Depending on effect and portability Sildenafil the dose can be increased to 100??.In reception of a preparation of Penimeks development of such unwanted effects, caused sildenafil is possible: From the central nervous system and sense organs: attack of epilepsy, dizziness, giperemiya of eyes, eye pain, visual acuity lowering, photophobia, hromatopsiya. From tanks and heart: feeling of palpitation, lowering of arterial pressure, nasal bleeding, tachycardia.