Superviga 25

The Superviga is preparations for treatment of erection dysfunction of production of the Usa pharmaceutical companies; contain Sildenafil's 25, 50 and 100 mg. It is applied on 1 tablet in a dosage of 50 mg in one hour prior to sexual intercourse; the maximum dose of 100 mg isn't more often than once per day.Erectile disfunction is a disease by itself impossibility of achievement of erection or her maintenance for satisfaction of sexual activity and feasance sexual act. The synonym of this disease is impotence. Erectile disfunction can arise up in any age and shows up in many forms. Complete absence of erection for men meets rarely enough and it is usually related to the certain diseases of urogenital sphere. Complaints are more often present about weak erection not allowing accomplishing coitus.
Reasons of Superviga25 for men can reason of Erectile disfunction or violation of erection because of diseases or violations from the side of work of organs, such as: hormonal violations are a parafunction of hypophysis, thyroid, cryptorchidism, are general heavy diseases, such as anaemia, tuberculosis, pneumonia, are traumas and diseases of backbone, are inflammatory diseases of masculine genital organs. It is a diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases. It is the protracted reception of some medicinal preparations. The special roentgenologic and ultrasonic researches of penis are then conducted. On the whole the inspection of patients with erectile disfunction is long, but painlessly enough and easily carried by patients. Superviga 25 is well transferred. Ghost effects of normally easy level or moderately expressed and passing; frequency of their origin increases in case of dose increase. The headache, rushes of blood, dizziness, responses, a nose passing violation of sight (generally change of color of objects (dark blue/green), the reinforced perception of color and sight hazing) are most probable.
The Superviga 25 it is contraindicated to patients with hypersensitivity to any component of a preparation. Thanks to known influence on an exchange of nitrogen/TsGMF oxide, the Superviga 25 strengthens hypotensive effect of nitrates therefore its application is contraindicated to the patients, receiving aid donors of oxide of nitrogen or nitrates in any forms. Preparation don't assign to women and children. During researches at healthy volunteers in case of single reception of a preparation in doses to 800 mg the unwanted phenomena were comparable to those in case of reception Superviga 25 in lower doses, but met more often. In case of overdose it is necessary to take standard symptomatic measures. The dialysis doesn't accelerate separation Sildenafil as last actively communicates with proteins of plasma and isn't deduced with urine.