Tiger Man

Within several years this product was developed, and then tested at institute of biological improving production of Wan-Sheng (Biochemical & Health Products) in Hong Kong. In 2007, after completion of successful clinical tests, the product arrived in wide sale. At present, it is one of the newest products in the market of means for a potentiality. As it is has the smallest index on ghost effects among similar preparations because for 100 percent consists of vegetative and animal components. The preparation doesn't incorporate artificial chemical components.
Composition - Saffron Crocus, Chinesse caterpillar fungus, Snow lotus flower, Snow deer's genital, Tibet yak's testis, penis of the sae dog, hippocampus, etc.Tiger Man is the specially developed product for treatment and prevention of erektilny dysfunction, sexual weakness, a premature ejaculation, fatigue and other problems connected to man's health.
Tiger Man - quickly and effectively increases a man's potentiality, extends and builds up a penis, helps in case of impotence and an early ejaculation, is used for prostatitis prevention.Indications: impotence, a prosperity, pollyutsiya, violation of sexual functions, passion lowering, a short and small penis, a lumbar and knee ache, powerlessness of extremities, dizziness and a ring in the ears, the speeded-up urination at night, weakness and night sweat, prostatitis and other symptoms caused by nephritic insufficiency.Tiger Man - to accept inside, only one capsule before going to bed with warm water (within 15-20 minutes to a coition, it is possible to receive wonderful action).
Tiger Man can be applied in the preventive purposes. For this purpose it is necessary to take a pill of times in three days.The new release of the Tiger a sexual tablet becomes effective directly products of increase of a sex of the person. The effect of mechanism:It is the long effect of spermary preparation. It has excellent male hormonecharacteprotein assimilation and the core of stimulation creating function of blood. And it can accelerate blood cell and accrue sperm growth. Indication:Adapt to cases, such as a victory of let domankind of sexual function gland etc. By means of range:The secondary the functional powerlessness, prostatitis because of neurasthenic or spirituality and others. Precautions for use:The low would be careful. It couldn't be used repeatedly in 24 hours. If mounting appears over and over again or last time too long time to drink a water cup.It is absorbed through lymph system.It has no impact for liver function.