Vekta 50

Vekta 50 recovers violation of an erection and provides the natural response to sexual excitation. The physiological mechanism of an erection of a penis consists in release of oxide of nitrogen (NO) in a body in case of sexual stimulation. Oxide of nitrogen activates enzyme which raises GMF level, weakens smooth muscles of a body and strengthens a blood-groove in a penis. Sildenafil is powerful and selective inhibitor specific type 5 (FDE-5). Sildenafil has peripheral ere?tion effect.
Vekta 50 doesn't render direct weakening impact on smooth muscles of bodies, but at the expense of blockade FDE-5 and stabilizing of GMF strengthens weakening effect of oxide of nitrogen. In case of activation of a way which is watched in case of sexual excitation, oppression FDE-5 under influence Vekta 50 leads to increase of level of GMF in a body. In this regard adequate sexual stimulation is necessary for achievement of pharmacological effect of a preparation. In case of single intake in doses to 100 mg the preparation didn't cause clinically significant changes of an electrocardiogram in healthy volunteers. The maximum lowering of systolic AD in a prone position in case of preparation application inside in a dose of 100 mg averaged 8,4 mm of mercury.
The appropriate lowering of diastolic AD in a prone position made 5,5 mm of mercury. Lowering speaks effect Sildenafil, probably, at the expense of increase of level of GMF in smooth muscles of tanks. Distribution volume Sildenafil in an equilibrium status is about 105 l/kg. Sildenafil and his the main circulating M-desmetilovy a metabolite approximately for 96 % communicates with proteins of plasma of blood. Binding with proteins doesn't depend on concentration of a preparation. At healthy volunteers who received a preparation signally on 100 mg, revealed less than 0,0002 % (on the average 188 mg) doses in sperm through 90 mines after reception. Single reception of a preparation inside in a dose of 100 mg wasn't accompanied by change of mobility or morphology of spermatozoa.
Vekta 50 is quickly exhausted after intake. Concentration of a preparation in blood plasma after peroral reception on an empty stomach reaches the maximum value throughout 30120 mines (on the average 60 mines). Absolute bioavailability in case of intake in the recommended doses is the linear. In case of reception Sildenafil together with bold food speed of exhausting decreases, the period of achievement ?max increases on 60 mines, and ?max in plasma of blood decreases on the average for 29 %.