Vekta (active ingredient - Sildenafil) it is FDE-5 that increases efficiency of sequence of GMF. Thus, Vekta's application promotes approach of a satisfactory erection in the presence of sexual excitation. Vekta doesn't stimulate a sexual tendency and, doesn't increase an erection without sexual excitation. With caution it is necessary to assign Vekta to patients with cardiovascular diseases, stomach ulcer and a duodenal gut, hemorrhagic diseases, a myeloma, leukosis, penis deformations. In all is higher the listed cases, before Vekta reception, consultation of the doctor is necessary. Vecta has lytic effect, weakening smooth muscles of a penis. Concentration of GMF increases in response to level increase. Vectais activated as a result of increase of level of NO (nitrogen II oxide) which is worked out by an organism owing to sexual excitation. Vekta can cause dizziness therefore driving, after preparation reception, is unsafe. Before preparation use Vekta you shall consult with the doctor. This instruction on application is provided in the free transfer and intended only for acquaintance. For obtaining more complete information we ask to address to the summary of the vendor.
Vekta is almost completely absorbed in case of peroral reception. The maximum values of concentration of Vekta in plasma watch, in case of preparation reception next the heart, in 0,5-2 h (is more often in 1 h). The bold food decelerates Vektaapproximately on 1 h and reduces its maximum concentration in plasma to 70 %, from the expected. Vekta 96 % and her active metabolite are connected to proteins of plasma. The metabolism is carried out. The finite period of semi-deduction and Vekta's general road clearance (Sildenafil) make 3-5 h and 41 l \h, respectively. At patients with heavy chronic nephritic insufficiency the road clearance decreased and the period of semi-deduction of Vekta increased.
Vekta is shown for treatment of erektilny dysfunction, in case of an unsatisfactory erection for the successful sexual intercourse. Vekta apply peroralno, on the average, for 60 mines before the sexual intercourse. It is recommended to begin Vekta reception with 50 mg, increasing or reducing a dose (100 or 25 mg, respectively), depending on efficiency and personal portability of a preparation. Exceeding of a daily dose of 100 mg isn't recommended. Applying Vekta, it is necessary to consider that the bold food decelerates and restricts preparation inhausting. With hepatic or nephritic insufficiency it is better to patients to begin Vekta reception with 25 mg.