Vigour 300

Vigour 300 is a name that can be given to any herbal product advertised as treating erectile dysfunction. The name "herbal viagra" is taken from the brand name Viagra, under which drug company Pfizer sells sildenafil citrate, a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Preparation of Herbal viagra that is all more often named natural Vigour 300. Tablet of Vigour 300 not only all natural grassy sexual product of strengthening of a potentiality, but also and very effective tonic which can improve full man's health very much. It can be used and for treatment of powerlessness, premature exclamation, refusal to get installation and the lowered sexual inclination just as to solve or avoid the problems extended at growing old men - including fatigue, bad memory, deficiency of immune system and bad boiling down.
This preparation is intended for strengthening to potency for men, both as a prophylaxis and in urgent case. Intended for men, having a for diverse reasons sexual hypoactivity. He will help to recover the lost sexual power, return a confidence in own forces, to promote sexual activity and potency. Only natural, natural components, mainly herbares, roots, bark. An extract of TribulusTerrestris (grass of creeping) is 100 mgs, Ginger (root) are 100 mgs, Extract of bark are 45 mgs, Extract of Poppy (root) are 20 mgs, Concentrate of oat (tops) are 20 mgs, Korean ginseng (root) are 10 mgs, American ginseng (root) are 10 mgs, Androsteron are 5 mgs, Oyster shells(natural calcium) are 5 mgs. Probably, all of you are known pharmacological preparation Viagra produced by a pharmacological company Pfizer.
Naturally this process effects on a heart and vessels, because after an action vessels go back into the normal state and it results in the sharp jump of pressure. And exactly on it very much man after the reception of Vigour300 tests problems with a heart and vessels. In addition natural Vigour300 is more useful to your purse. Judge: one pill of natural Viagra (Herbal Wonders) costs about 15 roubles, while ordinary Vigour300 is a more than 1600, natural Viagra of cheap more than in 100 times not everybody can take " the liberty of to love" with an ordinary Vigour300, and with natural - every day. Firstly, the extract of TribulusTerrestris (grass of creeping) assists making of own orchidic hormone - basic masculine sexual hormone. If this hormone is much, then the present expressed courageousness, and vice versa, small orchidic hormone.