Vigrande belongs to group of the drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors of type 5. It works, helping to weaken blood vessels in the member, allowing the blood, entering the member when sexual excitation. Vigrande helps to have mounting, only if is sexual. Shan't take Vigrande if have capable to become straight no dysfunction. Don't take Vigrande, if - the woman.
Vigrande is processing for men with capable to become straight the dysfunction which is also known as powerlessness. It - where the person can't reach or support the solid member, vertical suitable for sexual action. If accept called nitrates of drugs as the combination them can cause potentially dangerous reduction of a blood pressure. Tell to the doctor, if accept any of these drugs, which are often used to relieve stenocardia (or a breast pain). If aren't sure, ask the doctor or the pharmacist. If use any of the drugs known as nitric oxide donors, such as nitrite as the combination can cause potentially dangerous reduction of a blood pressure. If have is allergy to Sidenafil or any of those Vigrande components. If have a serious basis or a liver disease.
If have some is congenital diseases of eyes (such as retinitis pigmentosa). If have called anemia of a crescent erythrocyte of the form (abnormality of an erythrocyte), leukemia (a cancer of blood cells), a multiple myeloma (a cancer of a marrow). If have ugliness of the member or Peyronie illness. In this case doctors shall check carefully, whether the basis can dare to support additional deformation of a zanimaniye by sex. If have stomach ulcer now is disordering quitting for the edge (such as hemophilia). If have sudden reduction or vision loss, stop to take Vigrande and directly communicate with the doctor. Shan't use Vigrande together with any other peroral treatment or local treatment for capable to become straight dysfunction. Vigrande not to be to administered people less than 18 years.
Speak with the doctor or the pharmacist if take or recently accepted any other drugs, including the drugs received without the instruction. Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Vigrande) can interact with some drugs, especially used to process stenocardia. If a medical emergency situation, medical staff shall know contact to processing of a condition which take, and have Vigrande. Don't take Vigrande the same time as other drugs if the doctor doesn't say that can make it.