Vipro Lifescience

Vipro Lifescience, is a name, was synonymous with trust and reliability, and is congenital from the word Quality. Quality is installed in operation of colleagues and all Values. Sites are devoted to delivery of qualitative health care around the world. Our practice of business relations and processes is developed to reach qualitative results which exceed waitings of patients, clients, colleagues, investors, business partners and regulators. Sites have a continuous passion to Quality in this integral, do. Sites really direct delivery, and we place delivery. Now operation is some companies online as their dropshiper to execute their consumer orders. Sites select us to mankind searches more long, more healthy, happier lives through innovative, pharmaceutical, surgical and products of health of customers. Vipro Lifescience, VLCP Limited subdividing, corporate actions much the organization participated in production and export of different pharmaceutical production, veterinary and cosmetic products in India, China and the United Kingdom and is global variable.
The group is occupied further with area of medical education, hospitals, medical / business activity of average medical staff, real estate, turnkey projects and consultation, the pharmaceutical car, food, exchanging export, logistic and international trade in the USA, the Latin American Countries, Canada, Europe, Russia, the African Network of an Internet drugstore the same as Countries and Drugstore in many hospitals in India with measures of the Person which acquired the right to independent representation from firm. This service is suitable for Europe and Canada.
As the company beginning in April 2001, earned is many accreditations of a drugstore and, became one of the Indian retail pleasure of drugstores by the biggest trust.Sites intend to become the company in a pattern which most admire, the Retail Chain of the Drugstore for patients, clients, partners of the business colleague, investors, business partners and community.
Vipro Lifescience, an official retail drugstore in India adhering to identical representations with necessary import - permission to encode export / number, the license of preparation and means of infrastructure. Sites the instruction, OTC and the drugs which have been let out on the recipe for the expected large-scale Indian multinational pharmaceutical companies deliver broad range not. Few of these companies are the world leader in production of such statements. All products are checked according to the international norms and leading principles and also are approved as the Food government of Control of drugs, India. Sites really direct delivery, and we place delivery. Now we work for some companies online as asas their dropshiper to execute their consumer orders.